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NaBloPoMo Round-Up #10: The Mercifully Interesting Ps & Rs

Okay, now this is starting to feel a little bit like college. 30 hours left to do all this cramming in! No preamble tonight – straight to the Ps.

Foremost of Ps is Lane @ Pink Elephants. I read Lane loooong ago, before you knew what a blog was! And now she lives in Australia! And created the much beloved, addiction-begetting NaBloPoMo Randomizer! More exclamation points follow: ! ! ! !

Seriously, i don’t know what it is with the deodorant blogging this week, but pammiecakes’s partner is apparently The Great Carnac of deodorant. Maybe i’m just attuned to all of this deodorant buying because my favorite men’s deodorant has vanished from Philadelphia drug stores (even though the same scent is still available for women. WTF?)

A mommy-post that’s thought-provoking to the childless – how does a parent’s personality type impact a child’s, and how does the interaction of the two impact their parenting style? Phatmommy feeds us this food for thought. She also turned me on to the useful Random Bytes, and she named her children Luke and Leia, which is nearly as cool as Elise’s little brother’s female friend named Logan, because i have to at least pretend that dad was a comics fan at some point.

Speaking of which, Pen Elayne confirms some sad news i skimmed earlier this week: Dave Cockrum has passed away. Dave was the artist on Giant Sized X-Men, the single comic that introduced Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus to the world (and where Wolverine was absorbed into the X-Universe). One of my favorite comics artists – he’ll be sorely missed!

Ph. Depressed turned me on to the sculpture of Tom Otterness (in this post). Photoplasia is a photo-a-day blog; check out this alien creature seedling. This guy really knows his macro shots.

A cool art blog : Pencil Case. Two of my favorites were the hairlines and the machine. Incidentally, i usually keep my hair so long mostly because i have the lowest hairline of any boy you’ve ever met, and it’s too big of a pain in the ass to try to keep up with quickly growing bangs.

Pumpkin Doodle wrote an outstanding personal statement that s/he should submit for the next Grand Rounds.

I don’t care for political blogs on the whole, but Phoneless Chord works in some healthy media critique, which i definitely do care for.

Parents Behaving Badly documents terrible news stories from around the globe of abuse and misuse of children by their lamentable guardians. Every post is as horrifying as the last. PurpleWren draws our attention to some internet organizational/motivational tools. I’m happy to say that i’m pretty much past tools at this point in most aspects of my being happy, but they’re a wonderful kickstart.

Finally: Prof Grrrrl asks us to spread a meme in the name of science. Sure!

1. Write a post linking to this one in which you explain the experiment. (All blogs count, be they TypePad, Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, &c.)

2. Ask your readers to do the same. Beg them. Relate sob stories about poor graduate students in desperate circumstances. Imply I’m one of them. (Do whatever you have to. If that fails, try whatever it takes.)

3. Ping Technorati

It’s hard to do good research without varied results. Even if you don’t meme (and i definitely don’t), please consider participating! Results to be announced during the “Meet the Bloggers” panel at MLA 2006. Triplet-mom Raising Weg providers additional commentary.

I’d say that’s a pretty excellent representation for just 104 blogs! Can the 78 Rs repeat the performance?

Rebirthing Me certainly has for the duration of the event – i began reading her early on and have been unable to stop. While my blog reboot for the month is tongue-in-cheek, her life-reboot is quite literal, and she has shared her riveting personal history all along the way. It would feel voyeuristic, except author is so obviously working through (and, sometimes, past) issues rather than just reporting on them. A fascinating read!

Roricka has been blogging body parts; here is her great post about her vagina. More power to her for (a) admitting she used to have a vagina hang-up and (b) for at least attempting to bring some frank discussion of the coochie snorcher to other women in her life.

(did you know i stage managed The Vagina Monologues? Yeah. Me and the board op and a lot of vaginas (or va·gi·nae). Good times)

Recovering Overachiever (ha!, i never plan to recover) provides the super useful best of the best ofs link that tracks all sorts of end-of-year lists. Run Cook Write contributes a useful mom-to-be post about drinking while pregnant, and how it isn’t inherently evil.

In the general achievement category: From the Rs, Reading Room is a literary blog of note. Also, Red Dirt Road, a well-designed page i enjoyed. Also, Rodger Dodger, though his text was a little small for me after two straight hours of this.

One more R … my first NaBloPoMo read, Rudderless and Loving It, about a small family and their boat. They post on a variety of topics, both nautical and non, and general are a nice blog with a human face without getting all mommy all the time.

Batten down the hatches: it’s S time…

(to be continued…)


  1. rashenbo wrote:

    Blah! I just finished with W’s and Z’s. I’m done! Course… it’s really late and I didn’t get to your badge of appreciation :( Well, You get one in spirit! :)

    Those Ws took forever. Nice highlights of the P’s though. I’m definitely going to come back tomorrow and surf through your suggestions.


    Thursday, November 30, 2006 at 12:23 am | Permalink
  2. rodger wrote:

    I must commend you for taking on this task. I’ve tried reading systematically, because I’m anal that way, but just can’t make i very far. Part of my problem is similar to your Wikipedia post about spending an entire evening and not reading what you originally looked up in Wikipedia. I read a comment or two and next thing you know it’s hours later and I’m not reading NaBloPoMo blogs.

    I have to say I appreciate the shout out you gave my blog and I really appreciate the notes on the text size. I recently gave my blog a makeover and didn’t realize only the most recent post had large, readable text. This information is critical and I’ll now look into improving upon the presentation.

    Oh well…I apologize for the long comment and again…thanks for the notes. I’ll be back to read more from you soon.

    Thursday, November 30, 2006 at 1:38 am | Permalink
  3. roricka wrote:

    someone told me that you gave my blog a shout out and i just wanted to say thank you. i like the vagina post, too. however, now that i know you read all of the participating nablopomo blogs i feel i should offer you something more than just thanks. you deserve a platinum sceptre topped with the diamond encrusted nablopomo logo of your choice.

    but since it may take a while for me to set all those stones, how about an e-hug in the interim? if you piece together the photos for days 8, 11, 16, 18, 19 and 21 you can get a pretty good idea of what a real hug from me may be like. place double emphasis on day 16 though, just for the sake of posterity.

    your blog is great! thanks again!

    Friday, December 1, 2006 at 5:59 pm | Permalink

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