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My Favorite Trio Tracks: #13 – Colorblind (from Trio Season 2, #7)

Sometimes it takes someone else to hear the good in my own songs, and if it wasn’t for Trio that good would never come out.

Such was the case with “Colorblind,” which was one of the many songs I quickly tossed off in my post- Queen of Darkness period. I had so many songs to pay attention to at the time that quite a few of them slipped away (infamously, “This Long” wasn’t recovered until last November).

Rabi saved my song and I from repeating that fate by requesting it – first in the middle of a field, and again for the first Blogathon.

I repaid the favor by playing “Colorblind” of my own accord in Season 2, Trio #7 to mark the first anniversary of us reading each other’s pages. Knowing that Rabi was on the other end of the speakers made me appreciate the song much more as I recorded it, and makes it one of my favorite Trio recordings.

“Colorblind” was brought back to life this summer in anticipation of hanging out with Rabi in NYC, and now it’s become something it’s never been before – a solidified ballad that’s finally a comfortable part of my primary rotation of songs.

I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to hear it turn up in Trio Season 6…

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  1. rabi wrote:

    who would have guessed that if I saved a song from oblivion, it would be a ballad? :)

    Thursday, September 6, 2007 at 8:02 am | Permalink

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