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Best. Pre-Birthday. Ever.

Best birthday-eve ever:

  • Boston craziness with Erika & Matt!
  • Brunch @ Club Passim (vegetarian, rennet-free cheese!)
  • All-day shopping in Cambridge (Newbury Comics!)
  • RiverSong w/Amanda and Dave!
  • An all-pesto pizza. Seriously. Honey, it’s better than Powelton. And, we only got medium pesto. Guess what I’m having for my birthday tomorrow?
  • Betting on the Emmys, while…
  • Giving ourselves spinach facials from Lush, and drinking…
  • A six-pack of Raspberry Cider Jack. Party like it’s 1999, baby.

    Did I mention I’m in Boston, watching Awards show with Erika while drunk? The only thing Erika likes better than that is watching Awards shows where they are drunk.

    Oo, Kathy Griffin!

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    1. Nancy wrote:

      Happy Pre-Birthday, Music Man!
      Our lives do have such wonderful criss-crossings. Your Gina plays an old 70s Yamaha and that’s what I’ve played ever since my buddy, Steve, handed it down to me…(the story of which is way too sad for a birthday…) Anyway, just popped in to catch up!

      Have a good one!

      Monday, September 22, 2008 at 8:54 pm | Permalink