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Blog Spotlight: Bluishorange Birthday

Today I’m giving a presentation about blogs – at my office!

Ten years ago at this moment I had no idea what a blog was. I don’t know if I had even heard the word. I would have told you it was crazy talk that I’d be throwing the word “ubiquitous” around a conference room paired with this zany, made-up word.

Ten years ago around this moment a 21-year-old in Texas named Alison started a blog called Bluishorange.

Bluishorange has been one of my favorite, go-to, must-read blogs in each one of those ten years. I’ve known Alison for longer than my wife! I have read literally every post she has ever written for ten years.

Alison shared her thoughts on the milestone, as well as an archive of her “Best of” posts.

My favorite posts are usually when Alison tells a story, or when she finds some thread in her life that is also woven into mine. Here are ten of my particular memories from ten years of blogging, in no order whatsoever:

  • her obsession with X-Files
  • an imaginary album cover
  • wading through waist-high floodwater
  • her breasts on a beer coaster
  • five things you didn’t know about her
  • a letter to Charlie Kaufman
  • 9/12/2001
  • a photo of her taking a photo
  • a story about her drawer (and jail)
  • why she watches tv (not for Jesus)

    Okay, one more: when she compared bug spray to whiskey.

    Happy birthday, Alison!

    Have you read Bluishorange? When did you start? What’s your favorite post?

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    1. alison wrote:

      Awww, dude! You’re so nice.

      Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 3:27 pm | Permalink

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