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What I Tweeted, 2010-09-05 Edition

My tweets of the last week:

  • The great cologne experiment of 2010 is failing me today – Angel for Men is making me nauseous and I can't get its powdery stink off of me. #
  • Otherwise, it's Monday and I'm awesome! I even brought WD40 to work for my squeaky chair. How are you? #
  • @purpletronic Excellent! Any particular reason to be fabulous, or Monday and some sun are a good enough reason? in reply to purpletronic #
  • I bet you don't know Fredric Wertham's name, but he almost ended superhero comics as we know them singlehandedly by highlighting gay subtext #
  • @purpletronic I would have liked to get in a swimming pool one time this summer. Sadly, not in the cards :( So, I say POOL. in reply to purpletronic #
  • @Remysbaby Ha, of course you're the one person who knows. You might have even been in the class where I wrote about it @ Masterman. in reply to Remysbaby #
  • Dear TV: don't tease me w/a glimpse of Tina Fey on Glee. Hire her as an awkward karaoke-loving English teacher or stop playing w/my emotions #
  • @morganb That was an awesome case study! I just blogged it. Thanks so much for sharing. in reply to morganb #
  • @PhilthyBlog I haven't watched that yet but i LOVE TJ Kong. Thanks for tweeting it and turning me on to @phrequencycom (how did I not know!) in reply to PhilthyBlog #
  • Co-worker: "I get anxious when we're just waiting for the other shoe to drop." Me: "I am dropping shoes all day." <– possibly my new slogan #
  • New part of workout regimen: see how many vanilla wafers I can consume while Jillian Michaels monologues. (Okay, maybe that was just today.) #
  • Today I have worked, re-edged the lawn, worked out, sang my voice tape, and written tomorrows blog post. I maybe should eat. #
  • Today I have worked, re-edged the lawn, worked out, sang my voice tape, and written tomorrow's blog post. And it's 9pm! I maybe should eat. #
  • Man, it's hard having a job, a tidy lawn, abs, a strong voice, and a blog as ancient as the cryptozoic era. (Go ahead, look it up.) #
  • @melissa_shae Me & my adjectives. But if I rock at work then I am more likely to work out, which gives me happy endorphins for the next day! in reply to melissa_shae #
  • @THEkrismohfanz Having visited Paris and jumped out of a plane, abs are the next most achievable item on my life list ;) in reply to THEkrismohfanz #
  • It is a testament to @not_pele's mad SEO skills that Arcati Crisis remains on the first page of Google for "Philly Indie Rock" #
  • Oh, "When Doves Cry," even as a six year old I understood your relevancy to my life. #
  • @iWIC3 It's funny, I really don't stick-to-it about very many things, but playing guitar and blogging I just can't shake. in reply to iWIC3 #
  • Some mornings have such a perfect, suspended, hazy beauty that the only possible accompaniment is classic Aretha. #
  • @SunSwept Not invasion, necessarily, just that I want some services a la carte: just a status service or just a friend network, w/o location in reply to SunSwept #
  • @SocialBrown It definitely will be! (Let's see if we can still feel this way at 4:30 ;) in reply to SocialBrown #
  • @sarahcooley Sarah, good morning and I miss you! I was planning to come up again in August but time just went by. How goes it? in reply to sarahcooley #
  • @sarahcooley You are completely invited to stay with us, if you do ;) in reply to sarahcooley #
  • @melissa_shae Dude, I just checked, and I so did not say "strongly," you putting-adverbs-into-mouths-er in reply to melissa_shae #
  • @ShannonPaul Wow, that's a definite bookmark for me. Definitely interested lately in innovative approaches to how non-journs make SM EdCals. in reply to ShannonPaul #
  • Wondering how my weekend gig w/@filmstarband went? Check out a video & my revised thoughts on subbing w/the band on CK: #
  • "Don't use semicolons. They stand for absolutely nothing. They are transvestite hermaphrodites." – Kurt Vonnegut #
  • @socialbrown @marykateruf Re: explaining SM to newbies, could be useful if simplified: #

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