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What I Tweeted, 2011-03-28 Edition

My tweets of the last week:

  • @toofeets More voice acting? in reply to toofeets #
  • @toofeets Do you do a lot of voice/stage stuff and/or are you interested? I get casting notices, particularly from my BFF's @ocelotonaleash in reply to toofeets #
  • Cool! RT @ericsmithrocks Katamari Hack turns any browser into Katamari Damacy. So awesome! (via @bigredtim) /cc @wfenza #
  • @toofeets Gina and Wes are doing a staged production of The Twilight Zone with @ocelotonaleash for Fringe, I'll let you know when they cast! in reply to toofeets #
  • My body has declared a war on all food and my laptop appears to be broken. This is not going down in my book of favorite days. #
  • Good morning all! Today I am happy for public transit that gets me to work without my having to turn on my brain until I arrive. You? #
  • @theoreticalgirl I've been telling them this for quite some time; you should tweet to @ibx to make sure you're heard independent of me ;) in reply to theoreticalgirl #
  • Was just doing one-armed push-ups to the Rocky Theme in the middle of the hallway for an @IBXrun10 meeting. Oh, … ♫ #
  • Vetting these suggestions for our Run playlist I realized I have become the old stuffy guy who thinks all new music is bad or inappropriate. #
  • I think the reason I hate driving is because I like to learn things on my own, in isolation, and then interact with the world – and I can't. #