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What I Tweeted, 2011-12-18 Edition

My tweets of the last week:

  • @amanda_nan I don't think I can endure one more Xmas song. I am really disinterested in even playing along with the kitsch this year. in reply to amanda_nan #
  • @kerrihomsher I had a feeling… rt @phillydotcom No you weren't imagining it…it's really cold, coldest since last winter #
  • @amanda_nan She was so good! It's silly, but I feel super-proud of her whenever she nails a big breakthrough performance in the US. in reply to amanda_nan #
  • Apparently I am not the only one who decided to visit DQ in my PJs. We're all v. cold. (@ Dairy Queen) #
  • @JodyLeHeup @Remender Went from not wanting to buy UXF to it being my fav Marvel book for all 2011…& now I get a CapB/Meggan story! I ♥ you! #
  • I am presently being employed in my true calling: as a walking Madonna discography. At my actual job. #LoveMyJob #
  • Our 11th time playing the Shubin Holiday Revue! Debuted Gina's new song! (@ Shubin Theatre w/ @wfenza) #
  • The Shubin Theatre holiday array, 2011 edition. You will never see more decorations, anywhere, ever. #