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What I Tweeted, 2012-04-15 Edition

My tweets of the last week:

  • @marykateruf Some great ones on this list. RT @jgibbard 20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns – via StumbleUpon #
  • I hate when loans are bought/sold. @Nelnet bought my student loan, sent tons of mail, imported my data wrong, won't let me increase payment. #
  • It boggles my mind that I don't have any say over who I have financial arrangements with, and that @Nelnet has been broken out of the gate. #
  • Here's to hoping @Nelnet's customer service is better than their everything else. It would be pleasant surprise. #
  • Alright, enough complaining. Back to doing. #
  • @marykateruf @jgibbard Eek, sorry, Twitter makes it so hard to RT w/a comment. Here's the guerrilla campaigns: in reply to marykateruf #
  • @JettSuperior Can you inquire w/your dear husband if he makes AB-Y pedals and, if so, how much they would be. XO. #
  • @ActionChick The hype and/or public-version of the narrative supplanted the need to actually see the movie (e.g., Titanic). in reply to ActionChick #
  • @JettSuperior Ha, I just noticed the new site launched today :) in reply to JettSuperior #
  • Good morning! Today I am focused on the present, because the present is great. What about TODAY is going to be good for you? #
  • I'll start w/ @DreamHost saving my butt YET AGAIN with quick customer service and handy tools. Never had a problem that they couldn't fix. #
  • @Not_Pele Yes. in reply to Not_Pele #
  • @Not_Pele "He says, 'Call me, Ms. DiFranco, if there's anything I can do.' I say, 'It's Mr. DiFranco to you.'" in reply to Not_Pele #
  • @amanda_nan I'm so happy it resonates. It felt a bit silly as I wrote it, but I think I captured the thing I have been struggling with, too. in reply to amanda_nan #
  • @NelnetAdam I already submitted an electronic contact form (before complaining on Twitter); should I wait for that response, or call? in reply to NelnetAdam #
  • This conference room has yoga balls in addition to chairs. My back loves them. #
  • @mayanorthen Yes! I was skeptical that it would work for me at the office, but it's such a balm to poor meeting posture, I'm buying one now! in reply to mayanorthen #
  • @mayanorthen I was on simply a normal ball w/out the chair mechanism, and it was just fine. Going to try a nude ball for a while :) in reply to mayanorthen #
  • @mayanorthen If I wind up loving it to death I'll spring for the chair, but the cheapest one I could find was $75. in reply to mayanorthen #
  • @gregpak Anyone but Longshot. Though I like the character, he was a hanger-on to her fame and clearly used luck powers to seduce her. Gross. in reply to gregpak #