I’m Peter Marinari, and you’re awesome

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Your author in 2015 for this blog's 15th anniversary.
Your author in 2015 for this blog’s 15th anniversary.

Thank you for visiting from Twitter! I think it is awesome that you took the time to click through from my profile.

I’m Peter Marinari, customer success executive, brand manager, DIY singer/songwriter and musician, longest-running blogger in Philly, major Marvel fan, somewhat OCD organizer of things, father, and paradoxical narcissist with image issues.

On Twitter I talk about all that I do and love – communications, comics, music, politics, Drag Race, blogging Philly – everything is fair game. You can find my further writing and music on several locations around the web:

This is my personal blog, Crushing Krisis, established August 2000. Its range of topics is similar to my Twitter feed.

Here’s my “best of” category, with over a decade of my most well-loved posts.

I play a lot of music, but I don’t have a single act where I focus all of my attention. You can download my solo music. My original-music band is Arcati Crisis – you can also download our music. I also play guitar and sing in an acoustic cover band called Smash Fantastic with my huge-voiced friend Ashley.

If you’re a former, current, or potential colleague and client, you can connect with me on LinkedIn. Please note that I use LinkedIn only to connect with verifiable business and communications connections.

If you’re a comic book fan, you might be interested in my Definitive Guide to collecting Marvel comic books as graphic novels. It includes a comprehensive and chronological recap of all X-comics ever reprinted in book form, plus complete, every-issue of all-time guide to Spider-Man, Avengers, and all of the major solo heroes like Daredevil and Ghost Rider. Plus, I regularly write about comics on the blog, including indie titles.

(Indie creators, I’d love to review your comics! Talk to me.)

To learn a little more about me, read my blog bio. Twitter is by far the best and fastest way to get in touch with me.