This started off as a title tag, but i figure that it's something i'll be updating continuously. Please disregard the lack of layout... i'll play with it later.

  1. A Destination - Not quite finished lyrically, but definitely a favourite of mine musically (it's in open-D tuning). Gina is supposed to be helping with it, but i keep forgetting to give her audio to work from.
  2. All Tied Up - Barre-chord rock from last year, never finished the chorus. Might get merged with "Separate."
  3. Almost - It should have been on the last disc, but now it's equipped with Gina, which makes all the difference (if Under My Skin is any indication). Featured on Trio and 25/24.
  4. Another Angry Song - Written in a fun open tuning that lets me solo as i play the chords.
  5. Atlas Girl - "The Lost Song," so to speak; so lost that i've lost it twice now.
  6. Baby - A codename for a new song in EBBEBE ... there's an exciting tuning for you.
  7. Because I Feel - The song i stole from a post at Wockerjabby; only Rabi has heard it.
  8. Burn - A lot better than i give it credit for, apparently, but hard to record. Featured on Trio and 25/24.
  9. Clean - One of the more 'blah' breakup songs from this winter, but with decent lyrics. Featured on Trio.
  10. Colorblind - Unusually ballady and metaphorical for me. It's popular with my blogging female demographic. Featured on Trio and 25/24.
  11. Disguise It - The most straight-forward rock song i've ever written, i think. Featured on Trio.
  12. Either/Or - Written on tenor-strung guitar (ADAD). Almost was about my cat rather than a relationship.
  13. Excuse, (just an) - A new song written into a comment tag of the blog (i dare you to find it).
  14. First Kiss - A song i wrote from the female perspective, sortof, and then almost gave to a female friend of mine making a pop demo. I kept losing the chords, though.
  15. Here We Are Again - Old, not popular, but i should play it more.
  16. Hold On Me - The quintessential breakup song from this winter. Featured on Relief, Trio, and 25/24.
  17. Icy Cold - My "Honey" (for the Tori-fluent out there), because i left it off my last demo and now have fallen in love with it - luckily, i get to give it a second chance. This is one of the oldest songs on this list. Featured on 25/24 (and a deleted Trio, oops).
  18. Impact - My cute song. Featured on 25/24 and in-blog.
  19. Joyce - The only song i've ever written bearing a person's name, i don't play it too often but i suppose it has merit.
  20. Lament You - Very modern-rock-ish. Featured on Trio.
  21. Love Cure - A song infamously written while instant-messenging with spoon.
  22. Make It Last - Probably one of the more aggressive songs in this batch, both in intent and delivery. Featued on 25/24 and Trio.
  23. Make Sense - The prelude to "Under My Skin," which rarely makes audible appearances.
  24. Necessary Evil - The song i debuted exclusively to my notify list. Featured on 25/24.
  25. NeverEnds - "The Sex Song." Written on Fourth of July.
  26. No Second Chance - The last pre-breakup breakup song. Featured on Trio.
  27. Nothing Else - One of the blah pair of breakup songs. Featured on Trio.
  28. Nothing To Say - One of the more noticeable exclusions from Relief, probably because it doesn't have a strong real-life experience tied to it (it was more emotion-based). Featured on 25/24 and Trio.
  29. One Way - I either wrote this about Magnolia or American Beauty, i forget which.
  30. Over You - One of my favourites of this crop of breakup songs. Notoriously hard to play. Featured on 25/24 and in-blog.
  31. Pay For It - A song about kisses and drugs. Featured in-blog.
  32. Punk - Even though this was on Relief, it has experienced somewhat of a rebirth since then. It was added to the disc at the last minute, so i didn't do it the justice i meant for it. Featured on 25/24 and Trio.
  33. Roaming - Not a favourite of mine, because it's hard to play.
  34. Separate (your heart) - A fun upbeat rock song that i haven't quite finished.
  35. Splinter - The leader of the breakup pack, and a siamese twin with "Hold On Me." Gina's favourite of this year. Featured on 25/24 and Trio.
  36. Supposed to Be - A song that isn't anything like the title sounds, if that makes any sense.
  37. This Tiny Trouble - A song written unintentionally about Mollie. Feat
  38. Typical - A cute song... so damned hard to play. Featured on 25/24 and Trio.
  39. Unstrung - By far my favourite song from this entire year, but it's still finding it's own voice. Featured on 25/24 and Trio.
  40. Until You Awake - The song i wrote about Mollie specifically for 25/24. Featured in 25/24.
  41. Up & Down - My notorious punk song, which was the capper on this year's break-up songs. Featured on 25/24, Trio, and in-blog.
  42. View (from here) - The first "Drexel Song" ... old enough that it was cut from Other Plans rather than Relief
  43. Walls of Your Heart - Recorded for a deleted trio and never played again, i'd need to relearn it.
  44. War - Very soft and ballad-like ... a good album closer. Unfortunately, it has hardly any chance of making the album, as it wholly missed being on 25/24.