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What I Tweeted, 2010-04-10 Edition

My tweets of the last week:

  • @ThatEricAlper ver? Backstabber by Dresden Dolls. So far in 2010? Mozella’s entire last album. in reply to ThatEricAlper #
  • @FriedWontons4u I have also never seen it, much to the consternation of my fellow geek co-workers. in reply to FriedWontons4u #
  • @anniemal I was wondering if you needed a reminder of that ;) in reply to anniemal #
  • @platypusjones Ha, I can get behind that policy. in reply to platypusjones #
  • @leesafar Bought! And, reminded me I was missing one of your EPs from iTunes, so I bought that as well :) in reply to leesafar #
  • Pondering: Does the range of interbreeding humanoids in Star Trek suggest a universe with intelligent design, while Star Wars does not? #
  • @amanda_nan Her videos are shot BEAUTIFULLY. I wonder if it’s really live audio with multi-camera, or if they are miming to pre-recorded in reply to amanda_nan #
  • @redmoonriver My viewership of OST eps was on the other side of puberty from here. So, probably yes, but I don’t recall it. in reply to redmoonriver #
  • @redmoonriver I’d say intentional population by an elder race is relatively equivalent to intelligent design, in my book. in reply to redmoonriver #
  • @foolingapril All the support and kind words were vastly deserved! You were amazing. Looking forward to meeting you sometime soon. in reply to foolingapril #
  • Don’t bother picking up the new RS for the Glee article; it’s awful. Hedegaard’s schtick is tiresome, and wasted on a potentially fun topic. #
  • Proofing documents witten in Vietnamese isn’t exactly one of my strong points. #
  • Apparently proofing tweets written in English isn’t one either. #
  • @myasmine @bglusman It is a 8pm sharp start, and we are billed in the center of the three-act co-bill. I think we’ll be starting around 8:40 #
  • Hard at work making new Arcati Crisis discs for tonight’s Tin Angel show! I hope I’ll see you tonight at 8pm! #
  • What’s the true value of DIY? E spent the past week silk-screening shirts & I am home pressing CDs. Hundreds of $s saved + all handmade. #
  • But, do all artists have the time & head-space to spend hours/days creating merch? When does that economy of scale stop being valuable? #
  • @Billy_Sea Definitely have given some thought to the cost/time aspect of DIY, but it’s the scale/size/space stuff I’m contemplating today. in reply to Billy_Sea #
  • Always comforting when the full chorus of neighborhood dogs howl during my vocal warmups :) #
  • Backstage at the Tin Angel enjoying the sounds of the first act on the bill, Ian McGlynn. NYC songwriter, super-beautiful voice. We’re next! #
  • Backstage #
  • @eedawson yay! We’re just behind the stage, loving Ian McGlynn! in reply to eedawson #
  • @SarahRobinson it’s fussing a little tonight, thanks for asking ;) our first day in the 80s-90s today. in reply to SarahRobinson #
  • @KaraLaFleur thank you! I haven’t seen you in in such a while – any big events coming up? in reply to KaraLaFleur #
  • @mpomy thank you! It’s such an awesome bill, i’d probably be here even if we weren’t playing ;) in reply to mpomy #
  • @SarahRobinson maybe a song or two. Puzzlingly, we don’t usually record actual shows, just rehearsals. in reply to SarahRobinson #
  • We’re absolutely loving @ianmcglynnmusic‘s set. Shades of REM & @amandapalmer. Went out to the wings to sing along to a cover of “our house” #
  • You are all so awesome with your kind wishes and kind faces and kind applause. Thank you thank you thank you. #
  • @amanda_nan we have to get you to play clarinet with us! #
  • As if this night wasn’t awesome enough already, we are out for drinks with almost the ENTIRE bill of musicians. This NEVER happens. Awesome! #
  • @leahjones What? Really? That’s totally awesome. in reply to leahjones #
  • Maybe there’s less venues for us to play as an acoustic band, but they tend to be less dire than the places we’d play as an electric band. #
  • Met band that almost beat e’s band on the Deli mag poll, & they cheated the entire time. Says E, “oh, we asked friends & used SM.” Them: wow #

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