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What I Tweeted, 2012-02-26 Edition

My tweets of the last week:

  • @shunmahoney Awesome. PS: Just bought Best of Soundgarden sheet music, but not sure of the chances of getting @smashleydubs to sing it :) in reply to shunmahoney #
  • I want to spend every subsequent weekend doing yoga w/@not_pele, eating sushi, writing & learning new songs, and reading my friends' novels. #
  • Survived my critique at Writing Group (it's like book club, except the club writes the books). Relieved my 1st chapter actually does its job #
  • @raschatz There is no "too many times" to watch it. I could easily do it twice back to back. in reply to raschatz #
  • @danhafner @brimil One of the many reasons i was always happy not to be a driver when we lived in South Philly. in reply to danhafner #
  • @ericsmithrocks The comic website I was recommending is @CheapGN. 100% recommended for price, customer service, and packaging. #
  • "Oh, is he a lawyer?" "It says 'esquire' next to his name." "That's just a magazine to me." #
  • @Muldwych @LeviPTompkins @maximegarbarini Those 2 are definitely classics that will help set the stage if you don't know your x-men too well in reply to Muldwych #
  • Struck four poses in yoga today I have never been able to achieve before. I credit weekend living room yoga w/ @not_pele #
  • I call shenanigans on Charlotte Sometimes getting a 4-coach vote on #TheVoice She has a WIDELY available recent LP. Too soon, producers. #
  • @ericsmithrocks This explains so much about you, but I hope it does not put an end to our budding bromance. #TeamGayle in reply to ericsmithrocks #
  • @platypusjones @ericsmithrocks Yes, because we have to turn an intriguing series about independence & revolution into a battle over shipping in reply to platypusjones #
  • @platypusjones @ericsmithrocks Let nothing stop you from your mission. Personally, I ship Finnick/Johanna/Everyone-Else-In-the-World. in reply to platypusjones #
  • @onebabytwomoms Try as I might to not engage on politics, I think need to start a "out of context quotes from the Right" support group w/you #
  • @onebabytwomoms SO AGREED. Isn't the truth whacky enough already? in reply to onebabytwomoms #
  • Awesome meeting w/awesome client. Awesome clean edits from our awesome designers. Awesome EdCal for the next few months. Basically: Awesome. #
  • Outstanding @Wired article "Who the Hell Is Bob Lefsetz?" on blog music critic & why he matters: #
  • Received an email saying @ingdirect was purchased by Capital One. Why must every good, trustworthy banking co be absorbed by an average co? #
  • Oh, @smashleydubs: "You could just take the El." "I think I would get lost underground. I'd become the rat queen and live under there." #
  • @Muldwych @LeviPTompkins Whoa, you guys move so fast! I second Utopia>Second Coming, I think you could skip Academy, Riot is great. in reply to Muldwych #
  • @LeviPTompkins @Muldwych I love it, but it's out of print and those characters have largely been swept under the rug. in reply to LeviPTompkins #
  • @amanda_nan Dude. Such a list. Let's take it to back channels, yo. in reply to amanda_nan #
  • @kchristine @Not_Pele @amanda_nan Don't confuse rational for well-adjusted ;) in reply to kchristine #
  • @marykateruf I want so badly for you to secretly be the blogger behind this: #
  • @sarahcooley Happy birthday, @allison_faith! I hope life has been completely wonderful in aggregate since the last time I saw you ;) in reply to sarahcooley #
  • @Muldwych @LeviPTompkins Alan Davis Excalibur visionaries a great obscure gem. I like mid-00s Claremont UXM tpbs. X-23s minis are awesome. in reply to Muldwych #
  • @Muldwych There's also an Avengers guide on my blog if you need aid figuring out the order of books, but I don't know them as well as X-Men in reply to Muldwych #
  • @LeviPTompkins @Muldwych Let me know if you ever need a guest X-pert on your podcast :) in reply to LeviPTompkins #
  • @Muldwych @LeviPTompkins I have a studio at home, so I could easily record a non-interactive segment. Not sure if I could Skype, though. in reply to Muldwych #
  • Alyson Hannigan + @feliciaday = Smart, Gorgeous, Geeky Women Overload! Oh, how I adore them RT @alydenisof She's REAL!! #
  • @Jenniferalyse agreed, drives me crazy. I suppose in the long run we might grow to know our follows better, but for now it's just confusing in reply to Jenniferalyse #
  • I love donating to pledge campaigns of artists I respect. I wish more creatives would/could cut out the middle man & fund directly from fans #
  • @paullucci You are crushing me on FourSquare, I hope you're doing something fun! #
  • I didn't have terrifically high hopes for an LP by a band called "Blackie and the Rodeo Kings," but so far it's terrific alt-country. #
  • @amandapalmer Understood & agreed! Always tough to bring the band a song I know I'll shy away from playing live. Which category is Shores? in reply to amandapalmer #
  • @paullucci Ah, that explains it ;) keep relaxing in reply to paullucci #

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