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What I Tweeted, 2012-10-14 Edition

  • Good morning! Happy to be awake, alive, and online, even if the day that received me is a bit gray. #
  • I can resist unhealthy food left for the office to pick at for about 3hrs. If it's not gone by then, I'm all about eating stale remainders. #
  • Texting about vegetables w/ @not_pele & concerts w/ my BFF while I listen to a new mix of my fav song to play w/the band. Deliriously happy. #
  • Beet Greens: not so friendly with the garbage disposal. Bonus points for the sink coughing up bloody-looking water for half an hour. #
  • I am up to my eyes today, but hilarious phone conversations with clients are helping to get me through. #

What I Tweeted, 2012-10-07 Edition

  • Kitchen: @not_pele: "There are ants on the counter" Me: "I'll go catch some spiders from the front hall" NP: "Please, no biological warfare" #
  • I can't absorb the amount of lies being told during this discussion of health care. I work on this stuff every day. I know the difference. #
  • @mariatsciarrino RIGHT!?!?! I cannot even compute. There is not amount of hand-waving that can make Obama the one who did NOT compromise. in reply to mariatsciarrino #
  • OMG STOP LYING. I can ignore the general lying, but the lying about my actual job that I work on every day is just beyond the pale. #
  • But, nice to see Pay for Performance take the center stage under a national spotlight. #
  • 7 minutes was my maximum amount of time able to withstand the debate. Funny how I live-blogged every one last time. Discourse is declining. #
  • @realityblurred I endorse that statement. in reply to realityblurred #
  • @LenKendall I've learned that in printed goods (like paper brochures) "m" can simply mean 1,000, so from that perspective "mm" is correct. in reply to LenKendall #
  • @brimil People. I can't even. in reply to brimil #
  • @paullucci Laying low working on our new EP, loving fall, missing all of my twitter people. You? in reply to paullucci #

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